I had a great day out riding with Simon. His advice was clear and precise and I received some great tips for riding smoother and safer. I highly recommend whatever level of rider you are..


Bike: Triumph Scrambler

Licence: UK 2012

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Your Advanced Motorcycle Training London/Barcelona

Course Summary

The Enhanced Rider Scheme is a stepping stone on the path towards roadcraft mastery.

The course is designed around you, your requirements and your ability.


The course will last a full day (8 hours minimum) and within that time we will cover a full range of real-life road riding skills.

Our method is structured and unique, your instructor is extremely professional and target driven in making sure you get the absolute best out of your enhanced motorcycle training experience.

Once complete you will receive your ERS completion certificate and we are so sure of our commitment to you that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. 

Advanced riding


Max Class Ratio:


  • Effective braking techniques

  • Filtering – Advanced

  • Motorway – Dual carriageway

  • Cornering & Position

  • Overtaking

  • Carrying a passenger or load

  • Group riding

  • Biker Down and accident scene management

  • Motorcycle maintenance and machine awareness

  • Mobile phones/GPS/radios/ Bluetooth radio

  • Training in alternative environments


Course Starting


Want to know more?

Class Syllabus


Fly-In Barna

Moto Course

Moto Care


let's work towards

  • Session on a max 2:1

  • Detailed personal written feedback

  • Designed to help all riders from all abilities

  • Structured learning with study material

  • Individual video footage of your ride

  • Fun-packed learning

  • Reinforce new positive riding habits.

  • Continued riding support even after your course.

Who can benefit from this course

Novice rider

You got your licence, you got your motorcycle, you purchased all the kit and have been staking up the miles every chance you get. But you feel there’s something missing, something your old Instructor never tough you when training for your road licence. Well, your perception is correct, you see at the time of your test you only had one objective in mind and that was to past a driving test, that training served you well but as all experienced riders know there is a whole lot more out there to learn than just passing a driving test.  

aprehensive rider

You’ve been riding for a while now and you’ve accumulated thousand of miles under your belt, but somehow you still feel apprehensive as you approach that bend, your either too fast or too slow, your eyes stay fixated on the wrong target, your gearing needs improvement and every cell in your body reminds you of the damp wet surface you’re riding on. The tension in your body is crippling and the stress in your mind is paralysing. At this point most rational humans would give up, but you, you LOVE the ride too much and you know there’s a better way. We have good news, your right, there is.

back to bikes

You’ve done your research, spoken to all you biker fiends, purchased your motorcycle and decided now is the time to take the plunge after a long absence. It’s an amazing feeling, Welcome back my friend! Why this course, well for one you’re no longer driving a car and motorcycles have a very unique relationship with traffic. Two, technology has moved on so much in the last few years, acceleration, weight, brakes, suspension, and let’s sprinkle your reaction time and reflex to this recipe and I am sure you will agree a refresher course is a wise choice.


At this point I will mention we have different levels of experienced riders, Distinguished, Meticulous and Thrill seekers. For one of these three no level of training will ever elevate them to an advanced level, only a moment of divine intervention. As for the other two, lets remind them that riding a motorcycle is an art. You can never know enough about your art. Maybe you were familiar with some elements of the course but needed a gentle reminder to reawaken that long lost knowledge. A true Advanced rider knows that you never stop learning and you never stop listening.


info@motointellacademy.com  /  Tel. +34 654 886 866

"Intelligent riding is art, you feel it, you create it. Dedication, practice, control, confidence & fear"