I had a great day out riding with Simon. His advice was clear and precise and I received some great tips for riding smoother and safer. I highly recommend whatever level of rider you are..


Bike: Triumph Scrambler

Licence: UK 2012

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Your Advanced Motorcycle Training London/Barcelona

Simon Moreira

One day when I grow up I want to be Traffic Police ;-)

I started my career in the motorcycle industry in 2008 and since then I have managed Motorcycle Sales departments, Accessories and Servicing Departments. You could say that every one of these positions has helped me develop the MotoIntell ACADEMY course it is today.

A Qualified ERS Instructor (Enhanced Rider Scheme) since 2009, my professional qualification is officially recognised by the “Driving Vehicle Standard Agency” (UK Government agency). But as a true professional I am always looking to build and develop my skillset, so I am currently working on another Motorcycle Instruction Diploma that I am sure will bring further value to my teaching as well as my curriculum very soon.

Not every two students are the same as they all bring with them different levels of knowledge, experience, confidence and fear, so I would describe my Instruction as methodical but flexible. The truth is we never stop learning this art of ours and every so often we need a gentle reminder of what we already knew but had overlooked, myself included.

The first step towards confidence is knowledge and understanding, so to truly understand this art of ours, we must be open to all possibilities and rely on every subject matter available, physics, psychology and practical real-world teaching techniques. Only through knowledge can we develop our skills, ease our fears and build on our confidence.

My goal is simple, I want every motorcyclist on the road today to enjoy their vehicles to the maximum of their ability, but to do so in a responsible, safe and most intelligent way possible. I want riders to be aware of their environment and to be responsible for their actions. I want to contribute and reduce the accident rate amongst riders, all riders, novice and experienced and look forward to the day when we can all ride safely in the knowledge that we will not turn into some government statistic.

My biggest accomplishment are the students I have had the great pleasure of teaching, the men and women who have taken the time and given the dedication to their art. To see riders, grow, take control, build confidence and transmit all onto the road is pure pleasure.
The Future for motorcycle safety is challenging but we need to face up to our objectives, stand-up, be accountable and contribute our knowledge to the cause.

Ride Safe, Ride Beautiful

Simon Moreira


info@motointellacademy.com  /  Tel. +34 654 886 866

"Intelligent riding is art, you feel it, you create it. Dedication, practice, control, confidence & fear"